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Just one Bottle of "MT-Fuel-Scent" is all it takes
"It's not just our smoke-oil that can smell nice now"

* Harmless to all glow plugs, spark plugs and engines
* Will not hurt performance in Cars, Heli's, Planes or Boats
* Extremely concentrated formula for Gasoline or Glow
* Contains NO Carcinogens

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Tired of that same old nitro smell at the track? Sick of standing in that same
smelly cloud of helicopter smoke? Have some fun and get rid of that
"burnt anti-freeze" or "burnt wheat" smell that some fuels have or cover up
The soapy smell that other fuels have. Or, just for fun with your friends at
The races, flying field or pond.

Change that nasty gasoline two-cycle exhaust to a pleasant fragrance.
Fly a turbine? Use MT-Fuel-Scent, it works in all fuels

Just One Bottle (10ml) of MT-Fuel-Scent, per 5ltrs of glow fuel, gasoline
two-cycle fuel, or jet fuel, gives your exhaust one of 12 fragrance

MT-Fuel-Scent is an extremely concentrated formula. Developed for all brands
Of glow fuel, gasoline and jet turbine fuel. One bottle treats 5ltrs of fuel.
Does not change the smell of unburned glow fuel or gasoline,
just the burned exhaust fumes.

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